Basic keto

Protein: ~15%
Carbs: <5% (under 20 grams net carbs, not counting fiber)
Fat: 80+%

This is how most people do keto – enough wiggle room in the carb count that you can at least have a salad and some cauliflower pizza crust, but not enough wiggle room to actually go out of ketosis. Unlike the carnivore plan, the goal of garden-variety isn’t to eat only meat and avoid plant foods; the goal is to get a specific set of macros (high fat, very low carbs).

This plan has more fat and less protein than the pure carnivore plan, and likely less meat: even fatty meat isn’t all that fatty by keto standards (for example, a nice juicy grilled T-bone is a whopping 38% protein, although you can lower that percentage rapidly by adding butter on top).

With keto, you don’t necessarily eat a whole pile of T-bones; it’s more like half a T-bone with a lot of butter and some avocado and spinach salad.

Sample meals

You can also customize your macros depending on your needs.

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